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Tesine is a 2D Shooter game made in Godot Engine where you'll kill lots of robots, kill robots with friends or kill your friends! In the game.

You play controlling a "Sine" and are tasked to simply pass the tests,  at the end of PvE tests you will encounter a boss which you can also pass with friends.

If it's your first time playing the game is recommended to play the tutorial first.

Tesine is still under development meaning you'll see sprites unfinished and the game will receive  mayor updates.


WASD - Movement

1234 - Items

E - Interact with stuff

Q - Drop grabbed item

Left mouse click - Shoot/Use Items

Right mouse click - Use items secondary action


Music by: MIKI0N

Art by: Tlauipil, Xiuhman

Install instructions

Unpack ZIP and run executable.


Tesine v1.2 134 MB

Development log

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